Below are a few of Rob Tamboia’s mentors and influencers:

Ron Klein                   RON KLEIN

Ron Klein is a man who accomplishes extraordinary things. He is a PROBLEM SOLVER. Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution. His innovative ideas have changed the world.

Ron Klein is the inventor of:

  • The Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card
  • Credit Card Validity Checking System
  • Developer of Computerized Systems for Real Estate Multiple Listing (MLS) Services
  • Voice Response for the Banking Industry
  • The BOND Quotation and Trade Information System for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)


Omar Periu              OMAR-s

As a Motivational Speaker, Mentor and Trainer Omar Periu is compassionate about helping groups and individuals learn to overcome fear, failure, and handle rejections. Through his motivation, mentoring, systems and techniques get out of the slump that holds you back from becoming a true champion! Encouraging you to face your fears, kick your counter-productive habits and become a calculated risk taker.

Publications include Success Magazine, Sales and Management Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Martial Arts Success Magazine, and more. Authored several books like The One Minute Meeting™, From Management to Leadership™, Get Real Get Rich™ and today’s #1 book in sales, Investigative Selling™.

Omar was presented with the Business Man of the Year Award for the State of Florida,  by the Florida Business Advisory Council.